Let the Games Begin!

How do promotions, sweeps, and contests drive sales, increase loyalty and make your brand a winner? HGX's latest promo to benefit Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA) does all three.

Try it for yourself! Play the game at www.somawin.com until April 1.

This particular promo’s goal was not only to engage SOMA volunteers, fundraisers, athletes and their families to “like” SOMA’s Facebook page, (more…)

Cause and Effect

Do you have the right “spokes-product” for your cause?

Cause marketing is hot, and why not? A recent survey found that 8 out of 10 US consumers would consider switching brands to one associated with a good cause, and almost half said (more…)

Was it Good for You?

How to Create a Trade Show Experience You AND Your Customers Will Both Enjoy

 Trade show season is upon us, and how many marketing reps are dreading yet another year with the same-old, same-old trade show booth? Pop-ups looking pooped? Backdrop in need of some back-up?

 It may be time to put a little excitement back (more…)

Corporate Gift-Giving 101

What you’re buying and who you’re buying for are critical when it comes to clients, partners and employees.

 ‘Tis the season to start thinking about those corporate gifts, so let the angst begin!

 Not to fear. We here at HGX Creative are making a list (…and checkin’ it twice) of corporate gifting do’s and don’ts. We know from experience that selecting the right holiday gift for a potential client or employee is important, so you must think strategically when choosing a gift as well as creating your gift list.

 Here are a few holiday gifting tips: (more…)

When it comes to promoting your brand, don’t be memorable for the wrong reason

HGX Promo Showcase

HGX Promo Showcase

More than 82% of us remember the company and brand on a promotional product, but with cheap stuff flooding the market and so easy to access, your brand risks becoming memorable for the wrong reason.

Our new HGX Promo Products Showcase provides the team and the tools to put promotional products in their place – as part of a comprehensive, strategic marketing campaign. Our promotional products are often custom-designed and ‘built’ from scratch: embellished with hang tags, in customized packaging, inserts, etc., in ways to further fortify the brand and reinforce the campaign message. (more…)

A very happy meal

HGX Creative specializes in sweepstakes, a great way to motivate consumers to try or buy (or just think about) our clients’ products. For over a decade, we’ve been the leader in sweepstakes marketing, providing innovative sweepstakes, promotions and contests that are flexible, scalable and designed to motivate and reward consumer behavior.

 Yes, we’ve done lots of sweepstakes in our time, so we know a good one when we see it, and a great sweeps is going on now at McDonalds. What makes McD’s Monopoly game a winner? . (more…)

HGX Creative’s work for FundQuest receives GOLD Communicator Award

HGX is proud to announce that it has been awarded a prestigious Gold Communicators Award for Print and Design Excellence. HGX has been named as one of the 2012 Gold Communicator Award winners for the 18th Annual Communicator Awards. The Gold Communicator Award is given to entries based on its standard of excellence within its category. (more…)

Nothing really Compares to Papa Gino’s

It’s our late-night-at-the-office fuel. Our flavor fix. Our first choice for a fast slice. And for those of us who grew up on Papa Gino’s pizza, it’s where we first learned the art of pie-flipping while our birthday party guests watched enviously through the protective glass window separating the birthday guest of honor from her friends.

 For over fifty years, Papa Gino's has been evolving from its start in 1961 as a humble East Boston pizza shop to it’s now nearly 280 restaurants in the New England area that include two restaurant brands: the Papa Gino's pizzeria chain, plus the grilled sandwich shop chain, D'Angelo.  (more…)

Award Your Winners with Brand Name Prizes

Check out our new online prize search tool. We’re making it easier than ever for you to use brand name products as prizes for your sweepstakes, contests, sales promotions, loyalty programs and more. (more…)