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HGX Creative specializes in sweepstakes, a great way to motivate consumers to try or buy (or just think about) our clients’ products. For over a decade, we’ve been the leader in sweepstakes marketing, providing innovative sweepstakes, promotions and contests that are flexible, scalable and designed to motivate and reward consumer behavior.

 Yes, we’ve done lots of sweepstakes in our time, so we know a good one when we see it, and a great sweeps is going on now at McDonalds. What makes McD’s Monopoly game a winner? .


It’s the prizes, stupid

You can’t have a sweeps without great prizes. The McDonald’s sweeps doesn’t just give away product – you get money (lots of money) as well as name brand prizes. That makes consumers come back again and again for those game pieces.


It’s our dream

We all want to be millionaires, right?  Look how many people play the lottery even when the odds are one million-to-one you’ll be winner. McDonald’s game appeals to our current fixation with getting rich and gives us hope that the winning ticket IS attached to our meal.  It creates customers for life. During a quick stop to our local McDonald’s, we recently overheard an 11-year-old who had just won a medium fry proclaim to his mom, “This is the first time I ever won anything! I love McD’s!”  Guaranteed he is a customer for life. There’s engagement and loyalty built in, even for small fry winning, well, a small fry.

It creates buzz

People talk about the Monopoly game, folks scour Facebook for missing game pieces, and there are websites offering advice on winning strategies. When was the last time you got excited about a Burger King or Wendy’s promo?  Heck, when was the last time you even heard about a BK or Wendy’s promo?


And speaking of winning, …Ready to talk about a sweeps of your own? No game piece required. Just drop us a line at info@hgxinc.com.



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