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Do you have the right “spokes-product” for your cause?

Cause marketing is hot, and why not? A recent survey found that 8 out of 10 US consumers would consider switching brands to one associated with a good cause, and almost half said they’d be willing to reward companies that give back by paying more for their goods and services.

Lots of for-profit companies have already identified a charity or non-profit cause to support, but struggle with new, unique ways to position the “ask” and drive donations.  Differentiating cause campaign efforts from the countless of other organizations is also a challenge.

The solution to both challenges is HGX Creative’s ‘spokes-product’ line.

“It’s important to understand the difference between cause marketing and marketing a cause,” says HGX President Debbie Nierman. “We’ve got a proven track record of success in rolling out ‘win-win’ promotions that help you raise money and generate consumer loyalty in the process.”

The focus of a winning promotion is the right ‘spokes-product’ to engage individuals and corporations for support of that particular cause.

“The individual gets something of value -- the spokes-product -- and the cause gains a donor spokesperson,” says Nierman. “The secret here is that the item we refer to as the spokes-product should attract the individual and trigger the purchase, so they understand why and how you’re supporting a cause and why their peer group should care – and take action.”

Each time the individual wears and/or shares the spokes-product, it reinforces their goodwill, shows off their connection and commitment to giving back, and continues to create brand awareness for the cause/corporate partnership.

Case in point: our new line of personal use merchandise custom-made for a cause marketing promotion focuses on inexpensive, yet fashion forward products such as remember rings and necklaces, add-a-charm bangles, and limited edition collectible pins.

We might recommend offering a set of two bracelets, both attached to a custom backer card that carries a special offer or coupon. The bracelets and/or the card might be customized with messaging (about the cause and about your company), and with two bracelets, consumers would be asked to ‘wear it and share it,’ which would serve to draw more participants.

Since the HGX team works on every aspect of a cause marketing promotion, we also create sales and marketing materials to connect the cause to your product: customized counter top displays at the point of sale, in-store signage, door clings, PR and media outreach, and more.

“A unit cost of, say, $4 per bracelet set could then translate into major contribitions if consumers were asked to buy the item for $10,” says Nierman. “That means $6 per unit going back to the cause, and the more successful your fundraising, the more engaged your customers become.

“No matter your cause or your product, you want to connect and make a difference,” she concludes. “For us, it’s all about doing good things for good clients and good causes.”


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