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Corporate Gift-Giving 101

What you’re buying and who you’re buying for are critical when it comes to clients, partners and employees.

 ‘Tis the season to start thinking about those corporate gifts, so let the angst begin!

 Not to fear. We here at HGX Creative are making a list (…and checkin’ it twice) of corporate gifting do’s and don’ts. We know from experience that selecting the right holiday gift for a potential client or employee is important, so you must think strategically when choosing a gift as well as creating your gift list.

 Here are a few holiday gifting tips:

Out with the old?

Forget it. Leftovers are for eating, not for corporate gifting, so do not ‘re-gift’ by cleaning out your warehouse of old t-shirts and tossing them in a box with a holiday card.

 To logo or not to logo.

Not everything going out the door needs or deserves your company logo. Do not get logo-happy. A memorable holiday gift won’t need your logo – the recipient will remember you took the time and the expense to send a quality gift.

 Make a list and check it twice, three times, and more.

Who doesn’t get a gift is almost as important as who does, so do look through that database to ensure you’re spending money on the people that really matter. John Doe may have been a customer 20 years ago, but he hasn’t returned a call in 10. Dump him.

 One size does not fit all.

Do consider giving gifts at different tiers. It’s the thought that counts, and you can align the appropriate gift for clients, partners and employee gifts accordingly. Are you wooing a big prospect? Send a VERY special something. Does a company have a corporate policy prohibiting individual gifts? Send a food basket for an entire department, since they’re usually well received and enjoyed by all.

 Get professional help.

Who has time?  At this busy time of year, do find  professionals to help you create a gifting strategy. This annual ritual is too important to just toss to an admin assistant and hope for the best.  As your partner, HGX Creative can help you brainstorm gift ideas and offer advice on your gift list. We’re taller than elves, but just as productive.


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