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Find out how QR Codes help Little Leaguers with bat selection

QR codes help decision making at POS – an easy self-service approach just where you need it when you want it.  Batter Up!

The Spring is here and Little Leaguers are gearing up for an exciting season of playing ball.  Many decisions need to be made - one of the most critical is in the selection of the bat.  I observed how one company helped ease the uncertainty in the decision-making process by adding a QR code on their in store POS display. Don Mattingly Baseball promotes its V-Grip Technology through traditional sporting goods store.  An addition this year to the POS design was that Mattingly added a simple QR code on the in-store display allowing consumers to scan it to view a video on why the V-grip bat is beneficial to Little Leaguers.  The main objective - help parents through the bat selection process by offering an on-demand demo video that can be viewed instantly and taken away with them via their mobile phone AND quickly convert scans to sales of their V-grip bat. 

So you ask, does it work?  On this particular day, the store was packed with parents and players, the estimated ratio of sales people to consumers was 20 to 1.  I noticed parents looking at the POS display and overheard a young little leaguer tell his dad to “scan that code” using his smartphone.  As the dad and son watched the Mattingly Baseball video together a small audience of curious bat browsers gathered around the display to check it out too. The new self-serve feature combined with the ability to see the product in action immediately was too hard to resist – especially for the kids!

Within minutes, the pair decided to buy the V-grip bat.  I couldn’t resist so I asked them about their experience and the dad said, “My son wants to improve at batting this year and with all of these bats, it was overwhelming to decide which bat would suit him best.  Since the sales people were busy with other customers, we scanned that code and watched the video. It gave us all the information we needed to feel confident that the bat was the one we should purchase.”      

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