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Ft. Lauderdale, FL – December, 2003 – HGX Creative, a full-service design, marketing and promotions company, is proud to name Real Magnet their technology partner in the recent launch of EMIS, their Electronic Marketing and Interactive Services program.

“It’s vital to enhance powerful marketing strategies with even more powerful technology,” says HGX Creative’s President, Debbie Nierman. “With Real Magnet, we are able to build out our clients’ multi-part direct marketing campaigns to include targeted e-marketing efforts that are easier to execute than ever, and have the added benefits of quantifiable data compiling, retrieval and reporting.” Real Magnet’s technical capabilities provide just the right mix of tech-savvy tools and invaluable marketing data for HGX to take their clients’ messages beyond the USPS mailbox and into the email box with the same visual impact as tangible mail pieces. The key to the success of EMIS is keeping it simple. HGX Creative manages the HTML design for their clients and has solid business processes to send, track and manage the results. Other features and benefits of EMIS:

Auto-sensing technology that delivers HTML, text-only, or AOL-formatted messages, depending on what recipients can receive;
Integrated fax and survey tools that allow management of a variety of communications from a single platform and database;
Advanced tracking to provide data at both the aggregate and individual levels;
A controlled network that prohibits users from delivering SPAM.

Real Magnet (www.realmagnet.com) is an application development company specializing in electronic marketing communications based in Washington-DC. Its flagship product – MagnetMail – is a web-based application that allows organizations to create and manage integrated e-mail, fax, and survey campaigns.

HGX Creative is a leading marketing, design and promotions house. Serving the East Coast with locations in Boston and Fort Lauderdale, HGX Creative is proud to work with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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