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HGX Receives Prestigious PPAI Award


Ft Lauderdale, FL – March 2006 – HGX Inc, a full-service design, marketing and promotions company, was proud to accept the PPAI Bronze Award for Outstanding Use of Promotional Products in a Campaign in PPAI’s 48th Pyramid Competition.

“We’ve always stood behind the high quality of our work but this was the first time we’ve entered it in a PPAI Pyramid competition,” says HGX CEO, Debbie Nierman. “We’re grateful to the PPAI for recognizing us in this way.”

The project category, Sales Incentive Programs More Than $10 Per Recipient, involved a custom designed educational kit for customer service representatives and technicians of a Fortune 500 communications company. Designed to support them at a time when stress levels ran high – due largely to the company’s annual rate increases which brought in an unusually high number of irate callers – the thematically designed and pre-packaged kit included several educational tools and treats. The company reported an unprecedented drop in employee atrophy, and attributed the improvement to the kits.

HGX Creative’s success is based on a talent for finding and filling a niche that transcends that of the typical promotional products distributor, whose focus tends to be on applying a logo to a product.

“Like them, we have access to thousands of products,” says Nierman. “But what makes our solution unique and effective is that we select them based on the goal and specifications of a project, build a kit around a theme, design customized graphic elements, and then carry the look over all the components from print collateral to promotional pieces and packaging.”


About HGX Creative:
Serving the east coast with locations in Boston and Fort Lauderdale, HGX Creative is proud to have clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. HGX is a recent recipient of the 2006 PPAI Bronze Award for Outstanding Use of Promotional Products in a Campaign, a 2006 American Graphic Design Award (Web site design) and the Load of Gold 2006 award for Best Web Site, Asociaciones.

About PPAI:
PPAI – Promotional Product Association International is an international not-for-profit trade association that supports the growth and professionalism of promotional consultants and suppliers, and strives to educate and reinforce to the following entities the important role that promotional products play in today’s integrated marketing programs — to the end-buyer, the media, and prospective members to PPAI and the industry as a whole. Their annual awards recognize the promotional products industry’s finest use of promotional products and product integration in the marketing mix.

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