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We’re upping the win-win on couponing with NEW Facebook data acquisition capabilities.

I received a nicely designed, clearly well-thought direct mail piece today from Office Max. It included this coupon card offering $10 off my next in-store purchase of $20 or more. Sounds great, right? I know I’ll spend at least $20 in the next few weeks so I intend to take advantage of this offer. I pulled the card off the piece and stuck it in my wallet. Hopefully at some point within the promotion time frame I’ll remember to use it. So at this point my interaction with Office Max was over and I moved on to the rest of my mail. Office Max would need to wait to see if I take action.

I couldn’t help but see this as the perfect opportunity to implement an integrated media approach by utilizing the new BIOM, patent pending data acquisition technology designed exclusively for Facebook and microsite applications to further enhance the value of the interaction with the Office Max brand. Imagine that instead of the card being worth $10 off my next in-store purchase, the card states that it’s value is anywhere from $10 off a future purchase to $100 of FREE office supplies.  That in order to find out what my card is worth all I have to do is logon to Facebook, visit the Office Max page and enter the code number on the card. Simple, quick and a guaranteed win for me no matter what.

Here’s the win for the retailer. Data and marketing touch points, and lots of it. The BIOM technology retrieves the FB profile data of the person activating the card AND the FB pages they encounter along the way are designed for a completely customized, branded experience. We can, for example, customize every level of interaction within the Office Max Facebook page. We can use the “Congratulations” message on the activation success page not only to reveal the value of the card but also to ask if I want to receive their “Work Style” monthly publication. They can entice me with upcoming promotions, products, services and exclusive money saving offers and more. Now the retailer not only has a new FB fan but it also has my valuable profile data for future marketing and sales opportunities.

So if you’re ready to drive consumers to your retail location or online store on days you want to increase traffic or you’re eager to optimize Facebook “Like It” registrations and convert them to revenue opportunities, contact HGX Creative. There’s nothing else out there like it and it’s a “must see” for all of our forward thinking, technology driven, data hungry marketers who understand the value of database marketing and how to put it to work for their business.

Data Acquisition Driven promotions will:

  • Drive consumers to your stores on days you want to increase traffic.
  • Cost efficiently build databases of all consumers that make a purchase at the store level.
  • Optimize Facebook “Like It” registrations and revenue opportunities.
  • Optimize the ROI on any corporate sponsored event where sales incentives/premiums are distributed.
  • Create multiple, revenue producing eTouchPoints with brand or preferred vendor/co-op advertising marketing messages and more!


Schedule a demo - 15 minutes is all it takes to get your wheels spinning on how to put this NEW, patent pending technique to work for you.  For more information about integrated marketing and promotions, contact us at 508.405.4506.


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