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FAT vs Flat Mail

You’ve heard it before but it’s worthy of a regular reminder. If you’re doing direct mail marketing or considering working with us on a direct mail campaign in the near future, think FAT vs. FLAT. If it’s lumpy, bumpy, shakes, rattles or rolls your customers’ curiosity will get the best of them. Few people can resist opening an envelope that contains a free gift inside.
In fact, the so-called “lumpy” or “impact” mailing—the one containing a dimensional promotional product—more often than not will outpace a flat mailing by at least three or four furlongs. Curiosity and novelty tend to entice addressees.

But don’t just take our word for it—numerous studies over the years and countless successful fat mail programs all say the same thing—when it comes to getting someone’s attention, there are few better ways to do it than sending them a curiously shaped package in the mail. But don’t be fooled, lumps alone don’t guarantee success. While they lend to the mystery of a piece and almost guarantee it’ll be opened, it’s the job of the info inside to keep recipients’ attention after their curiosity is satiated.

Did You Knnow?
A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association found dimensional mail, aka fat mail, to be the best method of eliciting a response from recipients - a 5.49% rate compared with 2.73% for traditional, flat mail alone.


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