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New study shows that the time-honored promotion remains a solid marketing tool in tough times.

Amid the worst recession in decades, we hardly need a survey to tell us that the majority of Americans are looking for bargains. But a recent study by Pitney Bowes turned up interesting findings about consumer attitudes toward promotions in the digital age.

The survey found that more than three-quarters of consumers still prefer to receive their coupons in their mailbox. E-mail was consumers’ second preference for coupon distribution, newspaper inserts third.

Also striking was the response to promotional mailings. According to the study, receiving information in the mail prompted 37 percent of consumers to purchase a new brand or patronize a new business, while 68 percent were prompted to renew a brand or business relationship.

Other findings: Respondents said their most important consideration for redeeming a coupon is the level of discount. Consumers expect at least a 10-percent discount from coupons mailed to them. And they are most likely to use coupons for grocery purchases and least likely to use them on furniture.

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Source: Deliver® A Magazine for Marketers


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